The GoIndependent project started 2017 and the second phase started 2019. Feasibility of different technologies and approaches was evaluated in the first phase and showed for example

  • Addition of xanthan to food for those suffering from swallowing disorders enhances safe swallowing.
  • Stronger taste and aroma adjusted to seniors’ impaired teste and smell improved liking and can thus increase food intake.
  • The possibility of 3D printing complex food shapes from homogenized food ingredients was demonstrated.
  • Physical and oral exercises combined with textured, munchy food had a remarkably positive effect on muscle strength, oral functions, and nutritional intake in an intervention study in Japan.

Phase 2 of the project focuses on

  • Munchy and soft munchy foods for retained oral function of healthy seniors
  • Soft food for seniors with incipient frailty, for safer swallowing and increased taste and aroma adopted to the impaired senses of the seniors.
  • Automated home-3D printing for personalized food including new ingredient supply systems
  • An intervention study in Sweden on the combined effect of protein-rich, nutritious food and physical exercise including fall-prevention classes.
  • A permanent autonomic frail prevention program by community dwelling older adults in Japan, and new exercise programs for pre-frail seniors to be combined with the increased protein and energy intake.

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